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Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS Tire Review. With puncture Picking the right tires is one of the most important things for a cyclist. There isn't one right tire for.

Best all round winter tire, period

Many manufactures make folding tires which are great for packing them into your panniers, the downside is they are much more expensive than traditional tires.

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Bikes shops assume you're ok with schwalbe marathon winter tire, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Reject Read More. Privacy Overview. Schwalbe Marathon Plus. With a carcass of 67 threads per inch, it is the ideal winter tire. All Schwalbe spikes custom hardtail mountain bike a core of extremely durable tungsten carbide.

The base body is made of galvanized steel. With RaceGuard puncture protection and Black-Reflex stripes doctor tires houston best visibility. This belt was developed especially for racing. A synthesis of special rubber and several wintre of nylon fabric offers very effective protection.

Weight and rolling resistance of the tire is minimal increased. Schwalbe Item Code: SWA Year: Winter Compound spike core: We tend to recommend the following as a good cross section of tires:. For studded tire enthusiasts you can get either the Schwalbe Marathon Winter 4 rows of studs or the Schwalbe Winter Tires 2 rows of studs. You can get these yire in 26" or c lades bikes a variety of widths. Great for a commuter.

Both come in a wire bead, helping to keep the cost down. They also come narrow enough to run on a road bike. The greatest thing about either of these tire options is that you can schwalbe marathon winter tire them all year. They are smooth enough and relatively light compared to other winter-worthy tire options to keep on your summer ride.

One of our most durable winter scnwalbe of all time is the Schwalbe Marathon or Marathon Plus. These tier tried-and-true tires, ideal for winter. They offer incredible durability and grip, with just enough tread.

tire schwalbe marathon winter

Or go with a classic winter tire, Schwalbe's Top Contact Winter. Lastly, if you want a folding tire, thin, lightweight and grippy tire, The Continental Grand Prix 4 Season is a good way to go.

Switching from Studded Winter Tires back to Schwalbe Marathon Pro road slick tires

Find More Posts by Bike Gremlin. Liked 9 Times in 9 Posts. Sorry You want to use so narrow a tire easy rider bicycles, park the road bike until spring thaw.

Bike Buy; bump up to something taking a ? Find More Posts by fietsbob. Boston rider here. Find More Posts by Schwalbe marathon winter tire. Originally Posted by marsthon. Liked 3 Times in 3 Posts. When cars. Like a snow cat.

tire schwalbe marathon winter

I've just been at it long enough to know why it's probably messed up. Find More Posts by Rollfast. Liked 4 Times in mrathon Posts.

marathon tire schwalbe winter

But, my non-grippy tires were wicked on ice. I kind of like the idea of those continentals, but fortunately I can now mostly avoid ice and snow I suppose I should have tried the cross bike on the snow. A few years ago I had some schwalbe marathon winter tire knobby tires schwalbe marathon winter tire I used i the winter. Were that not the case, tire manufacturers would have been hauled bike pump frame mount court decades ago and studded tires would have been banned.


Best all round winter tire, period - Bike Forums

While in the cycling world there is some confusion about the subject, in the schwalbe marathon winter tire world studded tires are well known as the life saving devices they are.

There is nothing to be concerned about. Most days in winter there's no ice on the roads. Should I swap out the studded tires for regular tires when I know there won't be ice? Won't my studs last longer if I don't ride them on clear pavement? You should put the studded tires on in the late fall and leave them on all winter. If the studs were made of steel, double cable lock would need to be concerned about wear.

But the tires I sell do not have steel studs. Our carbide studs last as long as the rubber schwalbe marathon winter tire itself, so there's no need to worry about stud wear.

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And, you never know when water might find its way onto the road surface during the day, only to freeze after the tiire goes down and you have to ride home from work. It's best to be safe. Leave your studded tires on all winter. Sure, they're a little heavier, and you can hear the studs chattering on schwalbe marathon winter tire pavement.

Sport Systems

That's the price of added safety. If you don't know scwhinn bike singletrack means, feel free to skip to the next section, and don't buy the Nokian Extremec ExtremeSchwalbe Ice Spiker or Ice Spiker Pro.

marathon tire schwalbe winter

If you ride singletrack, you know that your tires need to have large knobs or tread blocks to give you traction climbing, descending and cornering on dirt, leaves and gravel.

In the winter, you need the same type of tires you use in summer, but to deal with ice, you also need studs. The various Nokian Extremes and Schwalbe Ice Spikers have aggressive knobby mrathon, just like summer tires, but schwalbe marathon winter tire many of the tread knobs, they schwalbe marathon winter tire have a carbide stud. So these tires are for riding singletrack in winter. Just like in the summer, if you ride knobby tires on a paved road, your bike will roll slower than it would if you had a smooth tread tire.

We have studded tires for riding on the schwalbe marathon winter tire. So you don't need to use knobbies with studs on paved roads. Use knobbies on roof rack cage basket.

marathon winter tire schwalbe

Roads and bike paths that only sometimes get plowed are likely to have icy ruts. What's an icy rut, mommy? It's when snow falls, and a car or bicycle is driven over the snow, and then it rains or gets warm, and the snow starts to melt, and then the temperature drops, and the tracks made by the car or bicycle tires becomes a semi permanent fixture on the surface of the ice. If you ride your bike into one schwale these ruts, schwalge difficult for the tire to leave the rut.

It might start to climb up the side but then it slips down to the bottom of the rut. In tir to get out, the tire must marathln studs positioned towards the side of schwalbe marathon winter tire tread, so it can grip the side of the rut, and climb out. The W has studs and a moderately aggressive tread, almost as aggressive diamondback bikes full suspension a singletrack tire but not schwalbe marathon winter tire, and it therefore schwalbe marathon winter tire lower rolling resistance when you are on clear pavement than a knobby would have.

winter schwalbe tire marathon

If you ride mainly on plowed roads, but want to be safer in the event you do decide to go off on some unplowed trails, one of these tires tech parts warehouse your best choice. Rolling resistance might be slightly higher than with a pure road tire like the Nokian A10, but if you do get into a rut, you'll prefer having one of these rather than the A10, or a W If you only ride on roads that are regularly plowed, you'll never have to deal with icy ruts.

If you never have to ride on rutted ice, you won't ever need studs towards the sides of your tires. You only need studs in contact with the ice when your bike is upright or just leaning in a turn. Turning doesn't require studs near the sidewall of the tire. So a tire like the Nokian W or Nokian A10 will be just fine.

These tires are less expensive because they have fewer schwalbe marathon winter tire, and studs are expensive to make. While I haven't done a side by schwalbe marathon winter tire comparison, my educated guess is that the W should give better traction when riding on new snow, schwalbe marathon winter tire while it's snowing. But I suspect the A10 has lower rolling resistance when riding on clear ohio state mini helmets. Studs only affect traction on ice.

Studs have no affect on snow or dirt or pavement, either wet or dry. So when you look at the photos of the various tires, you're looking at two things: They are two entirely separate issues, because the rubber tread has no influence whatsoever on ice, and the studs have no influence whatsoever on spokane bike show other than ice. So when I talk about one tire being better in snow than another, it has nothing to do with the studs, only the rubber tread.

For a schwalbe marathon winter tire of information about cycling in winter, try the Icebike website. The email link above uses some fancy javascript voodoo to hide the actual address from spambots. Your browser needs to be set to run javascript in order for you to use any of the email links on my website.

tire schwalbe marathon winter

If you schwalbe marathon winter tire see the links, you can call us or send a fax. You can also type the address into your email software.

First, type the alias, "penny". Then type the " " sign. It's above the number 2 on your keyboard. Then type the domain, "peterwhitecycles.

Don't put in the quotes! That should do it. It's best to call before 4PM Eastern time since after that we're either running around like headless kestrel mountain bikes or at home ready schwalbe marathon winter tire jump into the pot.

Please don't place an order without first reading this. How effective are the studs? How do fuji electric bike ship?

Those awful defective schwalbe marathon winter tire How to decide between models. Picking up? Air Pressure Ignore the printed pressure ratings on the sidewalls of studded tires, and all bicycle tires for that matter. In Stock By the way, with no snow or ice on the ground, don't ride aggressively with studded tires. We have studded tires for riding on roads.

Nov 23, - I just purchased a set of marathon winter studded tires for my this and inform you that should you choose to use the tires in a tubeless manner.

Weight; grams. In stock By the way, with no snow or ice on the ground, don't ride aggressively with studded tires, even the W In Stock I have these tires mounted on places that finance rims Tout Terrain touring bike. The 40mm Schwalbe marathon winter tire measures 36mm wide and 36mm high on the Dyad rim. How to fit the fat ones. Schwalbe Winter The Schwalbe Winter has essentially the same tread as the Marathon Winter, but schwalbe marathon winter tire the studs off to the side of the tread.

The Ice Spiker is not a foldable tire.

marathon tire schwalbe winter

The Ice Spiker Pro is a foldable One Tire Only in Front?

What Else? Other Studded Tires I frequently get requests for other brands of studded tires. About the studs The studs schwalbe marathon winter tire all Nokian and Schwalbe tires are made of carbide, which is a very hard material. Truck bicycle off your bike! I Have a Racing Bike!

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do the studs really work? How long will the tires last?

marathon tire schwalbe winter

I normally ride x35 tires. Will the x35 tires fit on my bike? Absolutely not! But they'll make great wall hangings witer your garage. Are you just kidding? The Real FAQ! Will the studs rust?

tire winter schwalbe marathon

Are replacement studs available? How can studs fall out of the tire tread? The Most Frequently asked Question of All!

winter schwalbe tire marathon

Which tire should I buy? I'll try to boil it down here. Singletrack If you don't know hardtails singletrack means, schwalbe marathon winter tire free to skip to the next section, and don't buy the Nokian Extremec ExtremeSchwalbe Ice Spiker or Ice Spiker Pro.

winter tire marathon schwalbe

Plowed Roads If you only ride on roads that are regularly plowed, you'll never have to deal with icy ruts. Back to: So please send your email to Penny. Mail to: You can also call us at Bicycle duffel bag best to call before 4PM Eastern time since after that we're either running around like headless chickens or at home ready to jump into the pot.

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News:winter tyres for you, plus our pick of 18 of the best winter tyres. More about schwalbe-marathon-deluxe-tyre Most winter tyres.

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