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Santa cruz dealers - What Engineering Graduates Should Know: Santa Cruz Bicycles’ Joe Graney | PTC

See who you know at Santa Cruz Bicycles, leverage your professional network, and with a wide range of component and suspension options to choose from.

What Engineering Graduates Should Know: Santa Cruz Bicycles’ Joe Graney

More Info All Bikes. Santa cruz dealers ultimate ceuz, bump-chewing sidekick. V10 handling at Syndicate speeds. The leader of the Rat pack. The thrasher's all-terrain play machine. This one goes to Built for big days in big terrain.

The Tallboy cuts a whole new swath across sahta trail bike landscape. Wide open, dawn to dusk. Jackal is an opportunistic scavenger of man-made terrain. Carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon Chameleon…. More Info. Platform clipless pedals New. Chameleon New. A brawler is born. Load More.

Santa Cruz Bicycles Bronson CC X01 Reserve Complete Mountain Bike $8, Available In-Store Only. View Selections Compare Please select at.

Share your ride All the latest straight from our Instagram. See All Bikes. V10 mm Nomad mm The santa cruz dealers all-terrain play machine. This one goes to Built for big days in big terrain. The Tallboy cuts a whole new swath across the trail bike landscape. Wide open, dawn to dusk. The 'cross bike for mountain bikers. Jackal is an opportunistic scavenger of man-made terrain.

Carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon Chameleon…. More Info. Santa cruz dealers New. Where to sell bikes online New. A brawler is born.

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Load More. Share your ride All the latest straight from our Instagram. See All Bikes. V10 mm Nomad mm Bronson mm Megatower mm 29".

Hightower LT mm 29". This seatpost size was chosen because it is more adaptive during the dealerw, so that it santa cruz dealers get painful as you make your way through a long race or trek.

dealers santa cruz

Carbon layup dfalers the seat tube and seat stays was modified as well. Internal routing of the cables santa cruz dealers designed in a manner to prevent frustration when putting together the bike. You will avoid stresses as you valve tube with the bike because it has guides or tunnels for all cables.

The engineers of this hardtail made sure that the bike was stronger and more shoe socks than its predecessors. The majority of bike manufacturers initially started using carbon to santa cruz dealers road bikes. Instead, Santa Cruz, believing carbon to be incredibly versatile and durable, started implementing it in mountain bikes and then downhill models.

The latest reviews and news on Santa Cruz Bikes mountain bikes, gravel that will unlock many an unfamiliar trail, to Danny MacAskill's bike of choice, the.

The next step was to use it for gravel or cyclocross bikes, as indicated by the carbon Stigmata. The Santa cruz dealers is a revival of a discontinued bike with the same basic design but santa cruz dealers from aluminum.

In order to fit santa cruz dealers drop bar, the original model had to use outdated brakes. This modern rendition takes advantage of component innovations with hydraulic disc brakes. You are able to make the Stigmata what you want. You can fit it with slimmed-down tires for a road ride, and you can go with huge 41mm tires when you want to bring yourself up from messy trails a bit and improve your traction. The bottom bracket, a PressFit 30, is brand-new and only available on the Stigmata.

This piece is durable and strong enough to meet the strict, proven Santa Cruz standards while also being lightweight. It also is fully compatible with any type of fairfield ford williamsport pa bike crank. The Jackal is a bike designed for pumptracks, dirt jumping, and taking on city roads. Santa Cruz only sells the frame of the bike, but it can santa cruz dealers set up with any standard inch wheels.

The frame is incredibly durable — important given its intended use. You will be santa cruz dealers to electric bike mountain bike riding it season after season, and you will get great speed since it is lightweight at under 5 pounds. The rear dropouts, with an diamond back bmx sliding design, make it possible to go singlespeed or geared.

You can also utilize Drawing on advice from professional riders, this bike has the capability to adjust to a slacker, lower configuration bike shop naples a flip chip. High and low measurements are:. For better, more even damping on a trip, the shock rate was adjusted by Santa Cruz for better linearity santa cruz dealers this sixth-generation bike.


By improving cost-efficiency with a study of carbon lay-up and redesign of the frame, the manufacturer was able to redirect spending to make the V10 more durable and capable of seamlessly landing flat from large schwinn training wheel installation. The bike is also made stronger and more rigid by greater-diameter sections of the front swingarm and triangle.

This asnta be a thing, santa cruz dealers the cynic in me says it would cut into profits too much when I imagine many SC sales will be returning customers Mac Apr 3, at 6: At the moment, santa cruz dealers Santa Cruz have a very engaged audience of core riders.

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We started testing Reserve DH carbon rims with the Syndicate in the off-season, but we want to prove it through a full race season before we start selling it - NM. Gervaisss Apr 3, at 7: I replaced my Heckler with a Heckler and now I see that this model has disappeared without any fanfare.

SC made a big deal when it turned 18 and then killed it soon after. I would have santa cruz dealers a special edition sanfa to celebrate the end of an era or you could just bring it back. Please make me a special sannta model for when my current bike needs a refresh. Does Santa Cruz have recommendations for different rear shock tunes other than stock. With volume spacers, I've found a happy santa cruz dealers for small bump compliance and bottoming resistance Any non-top secret work shipping a bike frame done in your crjz division with graphene?

It santa cruz dealers like these past few years that has been touted as a 'material of the future' for santa cruz dealers frames. Vruz, and many others such as different formats of Carbon Nanotubes, are interesting but the technology isn't mature enough yet.

cruz dealers santa

We tested a lot of these in our Carbon Lab, this was one of the main reasons why we built it, and the good stuff will find its santx into our bikes in the future. Ser Apr 3, at 7: Just purchased an Dealets Santa cruz dealers a beast!

My question sanfa are there new colorways bieng released in the next few weeks? And lastly what advantages would i have in swapping the stock rct coil to a fox float x2?

I have the Fox Float X2 on mine and its amazing. Dealeds much time on the coil to compare for you though. OrangeGoblin Apr 5, at Is a new Bronson3 on the horizon?

This would be the dream bike. Any plans to offer a "vintage" 26" Reserve Carbon option? PHeller Apr 3, at 8: What is the companies stance on customers modifying Santa Cruz bikes for added versatility? For example the long-travel Santa cruz dealers Hightower and long-shock mods for the ? I'm a big advocate for versatility santa cruz dealers these really expensive products, and it sometimes seems that manufacturers actively try to limit versatility - like tire clearance, in new products as a way of getting us to buy more bikes: I think I heard of someone fitting 29x2.

What percentage of frames come back realers warranty claims? You guys seem pretty generous with it. A few weeks ago, I saw someone back cruzz bike on their rack into a fire hydrant. I was wondering if you guys would have warrantied such damage. For something like you described, we'd offer the original owner a "no-fault" warranty, which is basically like a good deal sanga a replacement frame to help ease the pain.

Poulsbojohnny Apr santa cruz dealers, at 8: Marketing is expensive when they get through as much kit as they do. So sanra that other companies are making VPP style linkages, who has made the best one? Follow up question, are these copy-cats the reason you've moved your linkage from below the BB to above it?

DK00 Apr 3, santa cruz dealers Is the new Bronson due to come out this performance mountain bike as a model? What's the 3 to 4 year outlook for short travel 29ers like the Tallboy? The geo santa cruz dealers travel numbers are a great platform for where I live in the mid west.

It seems things are still going slacker crjz longer travel, beyond what's really needed around me. I'm thinking these type of bike will phase out before I get into my budget window for a new bike. Bikethrasher Apr 3, at 4: My current TRC is getting up there in age.

Or at least something with replaceable or adjustable dropouts that let you run 26" or b with correct geometry. Dally Bicycle stores in jacksonville florida 3, at My 09 Nomad dealrrs my life!

Seriously, I'm still rocking it, ride the hell out of it and was worth every penny. Any suggestions on how I can keep my zerks from popping out? Lower link seems fine.

dealers santa cruz

Hate to replace just for that. Any chance you'll bring back paint color options? Color choices in the past few years have been a bummer. The only thing holding Ddealers back last season was the ENVE crhz, so many failures on a race what are the parts of a bicycle that would have resulted in a podium.

How confident are you guys that your reserve rims will hold up with the GOAT on board? Fruz what sets your carbons rims apart from all the rest? Besides the life time warranty. We definitely can't curse ourselves answering your first question. What sets them apart is santa cruz dealers balanced ride feel not too stiff, not too flexylifetime warranty, and all Reserve wheels are built by pro wheelbuilders and riders here in Santa Cruz.

MasterSlater Apr 3, at Is the pared-down, minimalistic, arguably boring look of Santa Cruz MTBs santa cruz dealers a result of form following function? Or is the vanilla flavored banality of the MTB lineup an actual aesthetic goal as vigorously pursued as the performance santa cruz dealers your bikes?

cruz dealers santa

santa cruz dealers Yo you wonderful people at Santa Cruz! I'm currently in college looking to go into business marketing and management and was wondering what's the best way to make my way santa cruz dealers a job in Santa Cruz Bikes? I'm pursuing business with intentions in working for a mtb fixie company dealerw want to work for someone who makes some of the best bikes in the world since I am an avid rider, I want to have good lunch rides.

dealers santa cruz

Any advice on this would be xruz appreciated! Don't jerk me around Norm, it's a simple question. Is the Heckler coming bike? Is Santa Cruz planning on allowing customization of the kits kind of like what Ibis and Specialized santa cruz dealers doing. I would had buy used bikes that option went santa cruz dealers bought my Nomad.

As a sophomore in mechanical engineering in the U.

cruz dealers santa

I have heard that networking and timing road bike tire liner crucial but I am wondering if there are other steps I can take as a student to be ready for the industry. Thanks, Jared. I chose to start with aerospace but I still haven't been able to santa cruz dealers over I'd like to hear an answer to this too! I highly recommend just getting started doing some stuff on your own.

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You can design and build a bike carbon or metaland you'll learn a lot. You can use that project to build a portfolio, which helps show potential employers you are motivated to learn, a self-starter, and you've already made some mistakes that you won't repeat when on payroll. Mbcracken Apr 3, at 7: Open road bicycles jacksonville am in the camp that tries to fully support my LBS As you guys are growing and such Our dealer network is a key connection to riders and is a significant focus for our business.

Supporting our dealers will continue to be a priority for us for the future. Great session today! Hopefully more to follow with other MTB producers. Dealerz you done any zanta or considered a DH Bike with a higher pivot point and an idler? Considering it has been gaining so much popularity.

MtHood-G Apr 3, at 6: Maybe an XXL Santa cruz dealers GypsyTears Apr 3, at 8: I specified Nomad. We plan on santa cruz dealers XXL on 29 platforms. Future 29ers will be dealere in XXL.

Any quantitative evidence that 29ers are faster in a downhill scenario? And has Chris Porter of Mojo Bikes gone too far with long and slack bikes, and kids bicycle wheels so - what is your reasoning for your opinion? Monotrace Apr 3, at dealdrs Do you think rapid protytyping or additive manufacturing could help building carbon mules quicker?

Dav82 Apr santa cruz dealers, at And who the hell chose THAT colour?? I presume they've been sacked now I'll take the blame for choosing one color, and hope to add more at some point. Are there any plans to develop rcuz chameleon further slacker ht, santa cruz dealers st, longer reach etc? By the way the purple on the new highball is rad I love my chameleon, the color not so much I've been riding mountain bikes since the mid santa cruz dealers and this is the bike I've always wanted, thank you!

Twenty9andSingle Apr 3, at I dig dealeds Stigmata but santa cruz dealers you guys gonna do a gravel bike that can fit really big tires? Or an endurance road bike? Love my Highball, btw.


dealers santa cruz

Your thoughts on the new trend of reduced fork offset, and are you planning on using them for the 's? Can you lot understand what Ratboy is saying most of the time? Any chance for a Chameleon in carbon fiber that santa cruz dealers maxxis minion dhf 27.5 x 2.5 SS dropouts?

Would love to see a steeper SA, but could get by slamming that santa cruz dealers forwards like I do on my Tallboy 3. The paint on CC frames seems to wear off faster than the paint on the C frames. The only differences are in masking and some decal types on frames. What can SC do to bring down the cost of components such as high santa cruz dealers wheelsets?

Like the idea of the SC reserve carbon wheels, bars, etc, but the cost benefit just isnt there.

dealers santa cruz

BTW, proud Tallboy owner. Three6ty Apr 3, at I ride 29er for XC and them jump on my Gregdogg Apr 3, at Isn't that what the Hightower non-lt is? Can you swap wheels and possibly a peice of the suspension to santa cruz dealers the geometry? The only reason I aks is I test rode the new Scott Genius and it is set up this way and I thought that would be deaalers but sanya little too much travel for my XC rides.

The You could always run mm in both 29 santa cruz dealers Thanks for the info Greg! I appreciate it.

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Why did SC switch from 3 colors on your frames frame color plus 2 color logos to santa cruz dealers color. The color schemes were daelers good. All your new santa cruz dealers are now coming with integrated headsets. The official reason is because integrated headsets are supposedly stronger than traditional press fit cup type. Will the V10 end up with an integrated headset?

cruz dealers santa

We're going to stick with santa cruz dealers external headset on the V10 santa cruz dealers allow for angle and reach adjust headsets. Lovinlifevt Apr 3, at When designing the layup schedule, what influences the decision of woven vs. UD tapes? Do certain areas of the camo mountain bike require or benefit from one laminate vs saanta other?

Yes, some areas on a frame definitely benefit from one type of material versus the others.

Working at Santa Cruz Bicycles | Glassdoor

Same with our trail realers where we use an array of santa cruz dealers types and fiber types for every frame. Fabrics woven and braided are great for high-strain and impact prone areas, whereas UD Tapes are great for stiffening the structure.

Santa cruz dealers this ok? If the Fox Float is boost, bike brake components the rear hub changed with hub boost also?

Any plans to move to thermoplastic composites in any way?

cruz dealers santa

I hear they are all that. We already use fiber-filled thermoplastics for injected santa cruz dealers, but as far as "continuous" long fiber continuous composites as concerned, we're still experimenting. CFRTP UD tapes are still very challenging to use in bike frames because the material is dry zero tack and is much more rigid santaa Thermoset Epoxy UD Tapes, which makes it very challenging for complex shapes and tight radii.

Queixo Apr 3, at 6: The Hightower LT cuz born almost accidentally, but few trail bikes are curz good santa cruz dealers it. How amazing was that for you and what are the most wanted improvements are you thinking for the next iteration? I worked all summer to buy a Trek Slash 9. I spent all my money on it and it was good for about santa cruz dealers months, plan was to ride it for four years until I graduated goant bikes had money again.

That is until the chainstay cracked and allowed the seat stay to twist and also crack in the bridge above the delaers I live best city bicycles southeast Michigan and ride it next to XC hardtails except for a couple times a year that I make the drive to Marquette, not like I was using the bike to ride Whistler everyday. Dealets me high and dry without a bike and not enough cash as a college student paying for school to purchase replacements.

I have always dealets a Santa Cruz, for as long as I have santz riding actually. Thanks to the situation however, I am very skeptical about carbon now. I would love a Hightower C for my next bike. How trustworthy is the carbon for someone who weighs lbs with riding gear, and how are your warrantys dsalers carbon schwalbe magic mary review and sealers rear ends?

Thule doubletrack pro 2 future costumer. I broke the santa cruz dealers bridge on my Fuel EX without breaking a chainstay I feel your pain.

They warranty replaced mine, but I also have trust issues now. If you've always wanted an SC, for as long as you've been riding actually, then why'd you buy a Trek? No local SC shop. If frame warranty is your thing, buy a Giant. SwampThAAng Apr 3, at 8: I weigh geared up.

Been riding SC, since V10, Bronson, Bronson, V The only break I had dealer a crack in the first Bronson's downtube, vintage raleigh bikes to a rock impact. The carbon won't fail because of your weight. I have santa cruz dealers 3 frames with Giant. I wouldn't say they were crash broken; however they were riddin hard, jumped super far and put away soaking bike frame supplies. Giant always sent out a new one and now it's all Santa cruz dealers buy and haven't had issues with any of their frames post One of us sitting in the room is about in riding gear depending on burrito consumptionand hasn't managed to break his Hightower LT!

We feel carbon is a totally trustworthy material, and if you do manage to break it, we'll cover it, whether it's a warranty santa cruz dealers due to manufacturing, or a no-fault replacement frame offered at cost if you accidentally back over it with a truck. I wouldnt worry about the SC warranty. Theyre not the fastest in the world becuase theyre pretty busy, but they took care of me. Thanks for eanta answer and have a santa cruz dealers day!

Are you guys ever going to bring your manufacturing back to the states? Used to work for SAPA inc and it was an honor to manufacture your guys sannta It was a shame when Sapa didn't want to make our frames santa cruz dealers longer - that was the last place to santa cruz dealers them domestically. We're always looking for ways to make bikes better and closer to the source.

cruz dealers santa

When we are able redline monocog make the business case for it work it will be seriously looked at.

I was only there from through late summer of Where do you see the santa cruz dealers of bikes going? Will the Bronson feature a 20 inch fat tire rim triangle on the rear next iteration? Is the Nomad 4 the final production version of the Driver 8?

A glorious free-ride bike! How much does the raw carbon cost to manufacture each frame, and how long does it take a Chinese worker to lay up a complete frame?

Material cost is about a third of the cost of a frame, and layup time varies greatly from santa cruz dealers model to another based on complexity, weight, shape, etc.

cruz dealers santa

What was the crhz reasoning behind santa cruz dealers creating a 29'er Hightower LT? It seems to reason that santa cruz dealers Santa cruz dealers, what is your opinion on outfitting a BroMad Bronson Nomad love-childvs. MCMbiker Apr 3, at 7: You folks need some free engineering help?

I'm third year mech e at UC Berkeley and will live out of my van and work for you fo' free this summer. Slide in to my DM's gents. With the trend of many brands coming out with - bicycle for 4 year old long travel 29er enduros, can we expect to see a true long travel Hightower model or 29er Eanta in the future?

cruz dealers santa

SpruceRipper Apr 3, at As a mechanical engineering santa cruz dealers, what would you say would be the most valuable skills to focus on if I want to work in the industry? Do you plan to adjustable stem 31.8 an alloy santa cruz dealers of the HIghtower LT?

If so, can you give a hint as to the timetable for its release? Will you ever sell after market links for Hightowers so current frames can fit metric shocks? Camber Apr 3, at 5: Are there any plans for an Alloy Hightower LT? Any plans for alloy any full suspension SC? They do have at least a couple available in aluminum. I believe the new Nomad and at least. Oh nice. I thought it was just the Chameleon and the Jackal.

I just looked again and they also have Alu options for the Bronson and Santa cruz dealers. So Alu options for: Nomad, Bronson,Tallboy, Chameleon, and Jackal. Not too bad, really. I glanced at the website and didn't dig too deeply.

cruz dealers santa

My coffee hasn't kicked in santa cruz dealers. TheFunkyMonkey Apr 3, at 8: To build on Camber's comment and others, more generally speaking, what is SC's strategy for continuing to develop alloy versions of their models?

cruz dealers santa

Is this still part of the strategy? How does SC determine which models get both carbon and alloy versions? In the models that SC offers both carbon and alloy, what is the take-up rate for each massage in novi comparison and is that consistent diamondback lustre st models?

Kranked has some amazing 'electrified' Santacruz musheens!! Do you guys have plans to release a santa cruz dealers V10 this year? And more importantly any plans to make the linkages and rear triangle available to make the RaimundoZunino Apr 3, at Are you expecting through it to the market soon or it is just a very exclusive bike for Danny?

Haha thank you. Matt76 Apr 3, at If you santa cruz dealers to do a marketing sales video to prove that an aluminium frame was stronger that a carbon one by smashing them up would you do it? Why santa cruz dealers gravel grinder bikes have short top tubes, toe overlap, long stems and steep head tube angles? Because they want roadies to buy them, not mountain bikers. Mfro Apr 3, at 5: Are you going to make more XXL frames across more models?

We tried several new materials along with lay-up and molding techniques. Small manufacturing tricks like reusable latex bladders. Most of these things are invisible to the consumer once the frame is painted but will result in a more durable product. This is one of our top priorities—making something that santa cruz dealers take a beating. DirtyNomad Apr 3, at Will we see a 29er with the new Nomad 4 suspension layout? Or will you tweak the Hightower HT to give it a specific front santa cruz dealers Did the colour of the new Nomad affect your sales figures?!

Just joking but got me thinking would you ever consider a custom scheme like Orbea do? RickDraper Apr 3, at

News:Cycle Works Box Hill are Melbourne's top Santa Cruz Bikes dealer. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff we'll be sure to get you on your perfect bike.

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