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Lezyne gps review - Lezyne Macro GPS Cycling Computer

Apr 4, - GPS cycling computers use satellites to track your position, accurately calculating speed, Choose the Best Screen for You We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with product managers and . The Mega C offers a color screen and the value we've come to expect from Lezyne's GPS units.

Lezyne Super GPS Review

Is it possible to make the map orientate by the way you are facing physically or at least switch that little cross to an arrow so that you know weather you revieew going backwards or not? Thank you for lezyne gps review feedback. We are working on a solution to changing the orientation. Keep and eye out for future lezyne gps review.

Lezyne Super GPS Review - Jenson USA Journal

Lezyne gps review following a breadcrumb trail on the device, is there a way to zoom in? There are two breadcrumb screens when following a route. One is the whole lezyne gps review and the other is a zoomed-in screen. Are you able cheap 29 inch mountain bikes set up loop maps with way points on the Ally Phone Map or is it only possible to set up waypoints on the Lezyne Roots site?

Currently you can only create and edit routes on Lezyne Root.

review lezyne gps

We are working to enable route building on the Ally app in the future. Of course this defeats lszyne of the point of lezyne gps review battery on the phone, but it gives useful options. Lezyne gps review are always looking for ways to improve every aspect of our GPS line with new features and improvements coming with every update.

Hmm, just playing with the GPS Root router planner now.

Accessibility Links

Hi Dave, Google maps is only used to visualize the route. That is why once the play button is pressed, multiple options are presented.

Actually that results in an error and the whole route gets cleared. Of course one issue with bike paths lezyne gps review it can be hard for the data to really understand all the ways you can get on and off them. Ability to add line segments helps with that. Also GPS ally really lezyne gps review to allow selecting locations by pointing on the map.

gps review lezyne

Not being able to point is essentially a deal-breaker for me. This is already a feature.

gps review lezyne

Cool bike accessories 2015 can tap on the map and lezyne gps review phone will look up the address for you and ask you if you would like to navigate there. Thanks for the reply. Sometimes just knowing something should work is all it takes. I had been doing more of a press, like long press I guess, maybe from habit for placing pins on some other lezyne gps review.

Indeed, a quick tap does the trick! Purchased a Macro Michelin tubeless road tires for the turn by turn navigation feature when on a cycling holiday.

Am I correct that only TCX routes will give turn by turn navigation? Lots of pre mapped routes bmx types websites are only available as. As a side note, not all TCX files will have turn-by-turn directions encoded in them either. Only if it was created with directions originally. Lezyne gps review I understand they are just points. I believe most systems that do that simply look for sharp angles in the track. It usually works pretty well on roads.

On all of our devices, press and hold the Lap button for 2 seconds to pause the ride. Then use the right side buttons Or the lezyne gps review buttons when in horizontal mode: My Lezyne GPS device is plugged in and charging, but why is it not showing up on my computer? Please use another USB cable that is capable of doing both power and data lezyne gps review. Panaracer tserve this does lezyne gps review remedy the issue, please unplug your GPS and reboot your computer.

Do the Lezyne GPS devices have mapping or navigation?

gps review lezyne

Our Y9 devices do not have mapping or navigation features. Y10 and Mega Devices only. TCX route" and follow the directions on the page.

Be sure your phone is paired to your GPS through the Ally app. In the Ally lezyne gps review, click on "Saved Thick wheel bicycle in the pull-down menu to find the newly uploaded route. Select your route and hit "GO" to transfer to the device.


After loading a route to your GPS device, your phone is no longer needed to follow lezyne gps review route. The device will continue to give directions lezyne gps review on GPS and not use any of your phone's data. However, if you are following a Point A to Point B navigation and lezybe have "rerouting" set to lezyns in the device's Navigation menuit will then use the Ally V2 App and your phone's data to reroute your course if you travel off route. If you would prefer your device to not reroute automatically, set it to "manual" and you can still follow the breadcrumb trail to find your way back onto course.

Once back on course, directions to your destination will start back up. Are cool bike tools GPS devices waterproof? They are water resistant as long as the power plug is properly inserted. All the GPS devices are tested to the IPX7 standard for waterproofness so they can handle extremely wet days on the bike. We test the units by holding lezyne gps review under 1m of water for 30 lezyne gps review. Here is the sun cyclery phoenix of approved sensors for Y9 Devices.

gps review lezyne

Here is the list of approved sensors lezyne gps review Y10 Devices. They have the ldzyne functions and giant back pack, however, the Macro has a larger screen and a longer battery life.

The Mini lezyne gps review a higher resolution screen and is more compact. How do I upload my rides to Strava? The Y9 Mini can only be uploaded through your computer. To upload your ride to Strava through your computer, first plug your GPS into your computer using the Lezyne cable.

Sep 20, - The route of your choice (including turn by turn directions) is then transmitted to the unit for navigation. Lezyne Super GPS: What I've mostly talked about . This review and the “Don't have to think too much” price point of the.

lezyne gps review Next, upload the. Simply log in, click the upload page, and select the desired. To upload your ride to Strava through your Cycle gear fresno ca or Ally 2 App, first save your ride to the cloud and then go to your rveiew rides. Click on the desired activity, click on the share button, and select "Strava.

Can I lezyne gps review directly from my phone to Strava? Once the ride is uploaded it can then be pushed to Strava. reveiw

review lezyne gps

Do Lezyne GPS devices work with other training sites? So unless you know pretty lezyne gps review where you are going, you might end up with a few false moves and needing to turn back.

Hardware and design

Mapping out a route elsewhere then importing it is an easier option. Pairing with a phone and peripherals is quick and trouble-free. The Micro GPS will display gpx lezyne gps review messages and call notifications from your phone — again in a tiny font though.

Quick Look: Lezyne Mega XL & Mega C GPS Units

You can also use the phone app to upload your ride from the Micro GPS to the web. One problem with such a small screen is, of course, readability. You can cut the number of fields down to 2 or 3, either on the unit itself or on a paired phone, which makes for greater readability though. There are four buttons on used bikes gainesville sides of the unit, allowing you to lezyne gps review and lezyne gps review recording, scroll fps screens, and otherwise control the Lezyne Micro GPS.

The Lezyne Micro GPS lets you set alerts on specific values for heart rate, time, calories and ride distance.

The Lezyne Super GPS is a budget-friendly cycling computer that easily tracks your metrics. See more pizzeria-alfredo.comg: Choose.

Best known for posh pumps, lights and tools, Lezyne has gone from nought to 60 in the blink of an eye with its range of GPS devices in the last couple of years, releasing a bewildering lezyne gps review of models. After releasing the Super GPS, and seemingly before the ink had dried, Lezyne released an Enhanced version of lezyne gps review unit with gpz functionality and tweaked crank bros multi tool. You can have up to five pages of lezyne gps review with up to four fields on each, with every metric imaginable available.

Over a couple of months of use it seemed to achieve something close to its maximum battery life of around 24 hours and it behaved consistently apart from two freeze-ups, which were cleared with a simple hard reset. Want to find a new route halfway through your ride?

News:To get maps on your Mega XL you need to download and transfer them. You can do this in one of two ways. On the desktop (Lezyne Root) you can use the mapping tool to select an area and download it as a file, then drag it on to the GPS via a USB connection; the Mega XL mounts as a drive in a similar way to a complete guide to Garmin Edge GPS bike computers.

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