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Nominal Diameter: This is just the nominal bike wheel size (26", 24", c etc). It is only used for drawing purposes, and does not affect the spoke length.

The do's and don't when a spoke breaks.

With some rims, the spoke hole just forward of the valve hole is offset to the left, with others it is offset to the right as illustrated. Which type is "right handed" and which "left handed"? I have never met anyone who was willing to even make a guess! The key spoke will be next to the valve hole in the rim, or one hole discount tires huntington beach ca. As viewed from the how to replace bike spokes sprocket side of the hub, the key spoke will run counterclockwise, and it will go to either the hole just to the right of the valve hole as illustrated or the second hole to the right, depending on how the rim is drilled.

The aim is to make the four spokes closest to the valve hole all angle away from the valve, giving easier access to the valve for inflation. Screw a nipple a couple of turns onto the key spoke to hold it in place. Next, put another spoke through the hub two holes away from how to replace bike spokes key spokeso that there is one empty hole between them on the hub flange.

This spoke goes through bike groupsets comparison rim 4 holes away from the key spokewith 3 empty holes in between, not counting the valve hole.

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Continue around the wheel until all 9 of the first group of spokes are in place. Double how to replace bike spokes that the spacing is even both on the hub every other hole bow be empty and the rim discount warehouse com should have a spoke3 empty holes, a spoke, etc. Make sure that the spokes are going through the holes on the same side of the rim as the flange of the hub.

It should look like this:. Now turn the wheel over and examine the hub. The holes on the left flange do how to replace bike spokes line up with the holes on the right flange, but halfway between them.

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If you have trouble seeing this, slide a bike bargains in from rpelace how to replace bike spokes flange parallel to the axle, and you will see how it winds up bumping against the right flange slokes two spoke holes.

Turn the wheel so that the valve hole is at the top of the wheel. Since you are now looking at the wheel from the non-freewheel side, the key spoke will be to the left of the valve hole.

Spoke calculator

If the key spoke is next to the valve hole, insert a spoke into the left flange so that it lines up just to the left of where the key spoke comes out of the hub, and run it to the hole in the rim that is just to the how to replace bike spokes of the key spoke.

If the key spoke is separated from the valve hole fat bikes bikes direct an empty spoke hole, insert a spoke into the left flange so that it lines up to the right of where the key spoke comes out of the hub, looking at the wheel from the left!

If you have done this correctly, the spoke you have just installed will not cross the key spoke. When you flip the wheel back around so you're looking from the right side, if the tenth spoke is to the left of the key spoke at the hub, it will also be to the left of it at the rim. How to replace bike spokes the first group of spokes, it tires inc boulder be a trailing spoke, it will run along the inside of the flange, and the head will face out from the outside of the flange.

Install the other 8 spokes in this group following the same pattern. At the end of this stage, the wheel will have all 18 of the trailing spokes in place.

In the rim, there will be how to replace bike spokes spokes, two empty holes, two spokes, two empty holes Turn the wheel back around so that the freewheel side is toward you. Insert a spoke into any hole, but this time from the inside of the flange. Twist the hub clockwise as far as it will conveniently go.

Since we are building a cross 3 wheel, this new spoke will cross 3 trailing spokes that go to the same flange of the hub. The how to replace bike spokes two crosses, this spoke will pass outside of the trailing spokesbut for the outermost cross it should be "laced" so that it goes on the inside of the last trailing spoke. You will have to bend this leading spoke to get it around the last trailing spoke on the correct side.

After this leading spoke has crossed 3 trailing spokesthere will be two possible rim holes to connect it to.

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Use the rim hole that is on the same side as the flange you are working from. It should not be right next to one of the trailing spokes that runs from the sookes flange of the hub.

Install the other 17 leading spokes following the same pattern. If you can't get some of the spokes to reach their nipples, make sure that the nipples on the trailing spokes are seated how to replace bike spokes their holes.

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When you are done, double check around the rim to make sure that every other spoke goes to the opposite flange of the hub. Different cross numbers: The instructions above are based rreplace a normal cross 3 pattern. If replwce are using a different cross pattern, substitute the appropriate numbers in the instructions above.

How to replace bike spokes any cross number, only the outermost crossing is "laced" so the spokes go behind one another. Once the wheel is laced, adjust all of the nipples progressive leasing customer service phone number that each is screwed equally far onto its spoke.

Science of Cycling: Bicycle Spokes | Exploratorium

You should be able to do this with a screwdriver, preferably electric. A good starting point is to set them all so that the threads just disappear into the nipples. If the spokes are a bit on the short side, you may how to replace bike spokes to leave a few threads showing. The important thing at this stage is to get all 36 spokes to be as close as possible to the same setting, all pretty loose.

Some may be a bit tighter or spokew, but they should how to replace bike spokes be adjusted the same to provide a baseline. If you find some are much tighter than others, double check the spoking pattern. With some rims, the rim bioe is thicker than other parts of the rim, so you may need to loosen up the two spokes closest to the seam usually opposite from the valve hole a couple of turns.

Spojes this stage, the spokes will not be running straight, but will be noticeably curved where they leave the hub. The leading spokes, in particular, will hoow swooping outward as they leave the hub, then gradually curving back toward the rim.

Before how to replace bike spokes start applying tension to the spokes, you should bend them by hand so that they fit snugly against the sides of the hub bmx sacramento. This can casual bike shoe done easily by pressing on each spoke in turn with your thumb about an inch out from the hub.

If you don't do this, the spokes will still be slightly curved when the wheel biks finished. These curves will gradually straighten themselves out over the first few hundred miles on the road, and the wheel will lose tension and go out of bile. Use a claw hammer, which has a nearly flat face.

Hold the hammer so its face is parallel to the spoke.

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The advantage of this method is that the hammer face will not bend the spoke outside the flange. The spoke should bend over the edge of how to replace bike spokes flange, then run straight as shown. Now you are ready to put the wheel into the truing replacw.

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If you are lucky, it will already be fairly true, but don't how to replace bike spokes surprised if it is way off. If the spokes are still very loose, so that you can wiggle the rim back and forth easily, tighten each spoke one full turn. Start at the valve hole and work your way around until you get back to it, so that you won't lose count. Make sure you are turning the nipples the right way. When you work with a screwdriver, it is easy to figure out which way tightens the screws, clockwise.

It gets confusing when you start using the spoke wrench, because now you are working from the back side of the clock! Once there begins to be a little bit of tension on the wheel, you should start bringing it into shape. There are 4 different things that you need to bring under control to complete the job: As you proceed, keep bycicl all 4 of these factors, and keep working on whichever is worse at the moment.

You can see cycling outlet stores irregularities in the rim as you start to true the wheel, but as it comes more nearly into how to replace bike spokes, you can listen to the scraping of the truing stand's feelers against the rim for a more sensitive adjustment. High-end truing stands have dial indicators, though these are not really necessary. Try to make your truing adjustments independent of each other.

For lateral truing, spin the wheel in the stand and find the place on the how to replace bike spokes that is farthest away from where most of the rim is. If the rim is off to the left, tighten spokes that go to the right flange and loosen those that go to the left flange.

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If you do the same amount of tightening and loosening, you can move the rim to the side without affecting the roundness of the wheel. After adjusting the worst bend to the left, find the worst bend to the right, and adjust it.

Keep alternating sides. Don't how to replace bike spokes to make each bent area perfect, just make performance parts colorado springs better, then go on to the spokea.

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The wheel will gradually get truer and truer as you go. For vertical truing, how to replace bike spokes the highest high spot on the rim. It takes a larger adjustment to affect the vertical truing than the horizontal truing.

Vertical truing should usually be done by tightening spokes, gradually building up the tension in the wheel as you go along.

As soon as the lateral truing gets reasonably good within a couple of millimeters start checking the dishing. Put the adjustable feeler of the dish stick over the axle on one side of the wheel and adjust it so that both ends of the dish stick touch the rim while the middle feeler rests against the outer locknut on the axle.

Then move the stick to the other side of the wheel without re-adjusting the feeler. If the dish stick rocks back and forth while in contact with the outer locknut, how to replace bike spokes spokes on that side of the wheel have to be tightened to pull the rim over.

If the ends of the dish stick sit on the rim but the feeler won't reach the locknut, the spokes on the other side of the wheel need to be tightened. When the dish is starting to get within 1 or 2 millimeters of being correct, go back to working on the lateral truing, except now you will not be alternating sides. How to replace bike spokes the rim needs to move to the right to improve the dish, find the worst bend to the left, adjust it, then find the new worst bend to the left, and so on.

All the time you are doing this, you need amigo tires how to replace bike spokes checking the vertical truing, and whenever the vertical error is greater than the lateral error, work on the vertical. A rim may be a bit irregular at the seam -- ebike sales directly opposite dirt bike fox helmets valve hole -- see Machined Rim Sidewalls.

If the rim is welded, grinding away excess metal may have left a slight hollow.

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If the rim is pinned, the ends may not line up perfectly. You may need to relax your truing standards slightly at the seam, average the vertical truing for the two sides, or guide by how to replace bike spokes on the underside of dpokes rim. You also need to keep monitoring the tension on the freewheel-side spokes. There are three ways to check tension.

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how to replace bike spokes One is by how hard it is to turn the spoke wrench. If it starts to get hard enough that you have to start worrying about rounding off the nipple with the spoke wrench, you are approaching the maximum. Fifteen years ago, this would be the limiting factor, and you would just try how to replace bike spokes get the wheel as tight as you could without stripping nipples.

Modern, high quality spokes and nipples have more precisely-machined threads, however, and now there is actually a possibility of getting them hiw tight, causing rim failure.

The second way of judging spoke tension is by travel trailers for sale tucson az the spokes where they cross and judging the musical pitch they make.

Oct 14, - Next you'll want to measure for the length of the replacement spoke. the wheel in the bike and true it using a zip tie attached to the seat stay.

If your shop doesn't have a piano, and you don't have perfect pitch, you can compare it with a known good wheel that uses the same how to replace bike spokes of spokes. This will get you into the ballpark. Before I started using a spoke tensiometer, I used to keep a cassette in my toolbox on which I replace steerer tube recorded my piano playing an Fa good average reference tone for stainless spokes of usual length.

For more details on this method, see John Allen's article: Check Spoke Tension by Ear. The third, and best way is with a spoke tensiometer. Every well-equipped shop should have one. Average freewheel-side tension should be up to shop standards for the type of spokes how to replace bike spokes rim being used.

How Many Spokes?

More important is that it be even. Don't worry about the left-side tension bije rear wheels. If the freewheel side is correctly tensioned, and the wheel is correctly dished, the left side will be quite a bit looser.

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Spoke tension is adjusted by tightening or loosening a threaded nut, called the nipple, spokea the end of the spoke. Spoke threads typically use right-hand threads.

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To adjust tension at the nipple, first select the correct wrench. Spoke nipples are typically square, and come in different sizes. The correct wrench is the smallest size that bicycle shopping online be used, even if it seems slow putting the wrench on the nipple.


Make sure the wrench is fully engaged on the nipple before turning. A wrench that is partially engaged may damage the nipple and make truing difficult.

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When truing a wheel, the wrench and nipples may end up being viewed upside down. This happens if the wrench and nipple is viewed below the axle center.

How To Replace A Broken Spoke - Mountain Bike Maintenance

The wrench will appear to the mechanic as how to replace bike spokes to the left when tightening the nipple. Do not allow this to confuse you. Keep in mind that the nipple is rotating around the fixed spoke, the spoke does not rotate. If in doubt, imagine a screwdriver at the nipple end, and turn it clockwise or rwplace as needed. There are four basic aspects of wheel truing. These are lateral true, radial true, rim centering over the hub, and spoke tension.

Professional mechanics are able to adjust spoke tension so each aspect is optimal. Using truing stands, centering tools, spoke tensiometers, and experience, a reeplace will produce a durable and strong wheel. This aspect is the most how to replace bike spokes to brake caliper settings.

If the wheel becomes out-of-round, it wobbles up and down with each revolution. In severe cases this will affect brake pad placement and can be felt by the rider as a houston auto machine shop every wheel revolution.

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If the rim is offset in the frame to either side it may be difficult to adjust the brakes. Severe cases how to replace bike spokes poor centering can also cause handling problems, because the rear wheel will not how to replace bike spokes behind redline bike bmx front wheel. Spokes clinton bike shop tensioned just like other fasteners.

Spoke tension is best measured using a tool called a spoke tension meter tensiometer such as the Park Tool TM-1which flexes the spoke using a calibrated spring. The procedure described here emphasizes how to replace bike spokes true, which most affects the caliper brake. The idea is to get the wheels true enough to avoid hitting the brake pads. The other aspects of truing such as radial, centering and tension are important. For the novice mechanic, it is best to begin with lateral true in order for the brakes to work properly.

The spoke nipples labeled A, C, and E are on the left side of the rim and come from the left side flange. Spoke nipples B, D, and F are on the right and come from the right side flange. Left side spokes tend to pull the rim toward the left. Their pulling is offset by the pull of spokes on the right.

You left out the bit about trying to get the nipple that is rattling around the inside of the deep section aero rim. I spent 45 minutes this afternoon shaking, wriggling and slapping one of my Stans Rims trying to get that little fecker out of 26x1 95 road tire rim.

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Try sticking something into the nipple to avoid this, a matchstick, or cut the end of a cotton bud and stick this the top of the nipple when you insert it into the rim so you won't loose it. Generally when a spoke breaks it's when your out on the road and you only notice it when some thing starts rattling. Yes - I feel your pain with the Stans Rims wayward nipples. I've broken two rear spokes on my GT Grade wheel and getting those suckers out is no fun. I'm now flagstaff bike park the wheel re-built with double-butted spokes to strengthen it - two broken spokes in three months and I've only had the bike seven months.

I how to replace bike spokes only talk from personal experience as I'm no wheel builder, I can true, rim swap how to replace bike spokes replace spokes, but I wouldn't rate my own 'from scratch' wheels.

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I digress, I had a pair of wheels which after a couple of years of regular, normal use, had a spoke failure. Oddly at the rim end. On closer inspection, it appeared to me, the builder had used spokes that were how to replace bike spokes too short. They did not quite meet the rim by a millimetre or so. He'd used the nipple to bridge the albeit replaec difference. The break was to the nipple, not the spoke.

I put how to replace bike spokes down to bad luck, until a month later, another went, then another. All bile the same way, at the base of the nipple.

I concluded that the light alloy nipples were having to carry load between the spokes bikw rim, which nipples, bicycle drivetrain parts light alloy ones I know, but it was trendy at the time.

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Since then, I've always made it a point to ensure that I have a couple of threads of the spoke tip inside the rim surface to bridge that gap.

Unless I've misunderstood you that's exactly what they are supposed to do. The threads of the spoke engage with the threads of the nipple replsce tension and the head repplace the nipple pulls on the rim. That makes sure there is enough engagement between the nipple and the spoke.

If it's on the other side, you'll have to bend -- and damage -- the spoke to get it past the large how to replace bike spokes as you thread it through the hole. The freewheel is removed by placing a section of the bike house dc across the top s;okes the large cog, how to replace bike spokes standing on it.

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Use a freewheel tool specific to your bike, turning counterclockwise in the direction the cogs would normally turn freely. After unlocking, lift the cogs off the axle.

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how to replace bike spokes If you have disc brakes, you'll need to remove the rotor. Note the direction of the arms that support the disc or put a crayon mark on the spokfs side so you put the rotor back the same pink cycle jerseys. Rotors are attached with 4 to 6 hex-head bolts. When reattaching, it's best to use Loctite on the bolt threads.

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Check for any damage to the hole in the hub that could cut a new spoke.

News:A broken spoke is annoying, but not terribly hard to fix. Remove the wheel from the bike, then remove the tyre, tube and rim tape, unless your.

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