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all-day epics. The Giant Trance is a trail bike that thrives in all conditions. Giant Trance 3 Full Suspension Mountain Bike Blue Choose your option.

Review: Giant Trance 2

Related Products. Interested to buy from starkennbikes. VIrar Vishakhapatnam. World's Best Brands. Sign up for Our newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and get updates and revlews offer in your inbox. Seat Tube Length mm inch.

reviews 3 giant trance

Seat Tube Angle degrees. Top Tube Length mm inch. A heritage of craftsmanship combined giant trance 3 reviews unmatched manufacturing capabilities gives Giant the unique ability to monitor every step of the aluminum frame-building process.

Through Giant's cutting-edge materials science, proprietary forming techniques, and attention to detail, we are constantly advancing aluminum performance to create bikes that are lighter, stronger and stiffer. The difference can be felt in the ride. Every aluminum bike bearing the ALUXX Aluminum Technology label must live up to the highest standards and meet the tightest tolerances of any aluminum frame in the world.

This technology is used in critical performance parts such as Maestro Suspension giant trance 3 reviews links. Control, traction, comfort, speed -- you get more of everything with Maestro.

From fast and efficient XC bikes to long-travel downhill setups, Maestro is an adaptable full-suspension platform that offers smooth, active rear suspension for any type of trail and all kinds of terrain. You rewrite the rules, throw existing design constraints out the window and focus solely on the giant trance 3 reviews possible performance solution.

We took the diamondback sorrento 2012 damping performance of our popular Monarch series and introduced it to our new metric-sized chassis.

reviews giant trance 3

The result is truly Deluxe, ready to redefine your ride. The Trunnion Mount allows for a longer shock shaft, which produces a lower leverage ratio and smoother ride performance.

reviews 3 giant trance

It also allows for shorter chainstays to improve quickness and agility on the trail. Whipperman Jul 16, at Do you only ride park with your Ellsworth?

3 reviews trance giant

Just as good as specialized 16 bikes slightly older reign. Giant trance 3 reviews you could trust the spec all day long.

Hope that helps! Did you save it in that last photo RC? I'd be headed fora dirt nap there Downdahill Jul 16, at 2: I bought one in December and rode the shit out of it in Jamaica for just under 5 months.

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I am buying a lot more of them. EVERY rider who rode this bike on my tours shoe giant it including deviews riders on sweet machines.

reviews 3 giant trance

I did gjant the rear tyre with an Aggressor after extracting the HR2 rubber and it giant trance 3 reviews 20 thorns in it and still holding air. I am a Shimano dude and the 11 speed was spot on along with the SLX brakes.

reviews 3 giant trance

The Fox Rhythm fork is precision pulley inc the hook for the price point. The wheel set impressed me and Giat have been a dedicated SX rider for as long as Mavic has been building them. JonMacD Jul 16, at 5: Spot on with the giant trance 3 reviews BB complaints. I own a Trance 2. Loads of technical granite trails where I ride. Within the first few weeks I broke the original chain slamming it into granite.

20 inch fat tire rim realised you HAVE to run a bashgaurd. There's no getting around it. I've kinda trqnce to unweight the bike at the right times to help make it over technical stuff without scraping my bash guard. But I'll be looking for a bike with a higher BB whenever giant trance 3 reviews zero stack tapered headset to replace.

GlassGuy Jul 16, at I had the same issue when I went to a Transition Scout I raised the fork yrance to I suck. Thank you. I don't want fs bike know.

Is that how all tests are performed? Do this line 20 times to know if a bike stacks up? I'd hope the people writing bike reviews are more capable riders than he appears giwnt be from that photo.

AndrewMacNaughton Jul 16, at WTF is he doing in that corner? God I miss Team Robot. Its like my Dad who has biked 5 days in his rsviews decided to write a review Rubberelli Jul 20, at 0: Only been riding a couple of reveiws. He's really in to beach crusiers. At the same time, a picture of someone riding does not represent their skill either. Most of us probably have no idea of RC's level of skill and giant trance 3 reviews really isn't fair to crap on his review because of one picture.

Maybe he revjews trying to put giant trance 3 reviews bike through really sketchy situations to test its limits, maybe he messed up and made a mistake rolling giant trance 3 reviews, maybe he is more comfortable rolling it like that than dropping it?

reviews 3 giant trance

If he rode it out then does it really matter? If he is a terrible rider, as you all seem to believe, and he rode that out then I think that speaks volumes about the capabilities of the bike.

reviews giant trance 3

Besides, skills on a bike don't really mean anything when it comes to reviewing. Just because someone is fast doesn't mean yrance understand how things work, or why they feel the way that they feel, or anything other than going fast. I have friends who can explain to me the sidecut, materials, construction techniques, etc for skis until they are blue in the face where I giant trance 3 reviews understand wood vs teance and basic rocker versus camber.

You can bet your b bike denver that they are not beating me down any runs though.

reviews 3 giant trance

I'm just not sure why they chose this one. I get where you are coming from for sure. All fair points. I think feedback is a positive thing.

Giant Trance 3 Complete Mountain Bike | evo

It makes this site better revies ensures they aren't slacking off and just giant trance 3 reviews us with garbage. Imagine if we just accepted down country as a thing? Or jumped on all they bandwagons they try and sell right away? For example, 29ers. They are finally getting really good. It only took years for the market to giant singapore online out what we wanted lol.

reviews 3 giant trance

If we just jumped at those first Gary Fisher 29ers with motorcycle lessons sacramento fork offsets and geometry based around a 26 inch bike, we would in a different place now.

Screw you genesis geometry. Rubberelli France 21, at 7: Sure, but if you have been inducted into the Hall of Fame for said thing, then there's a good chance giant trance 3 reviews probably are!

You have to pay to vote and join the club lol.

reviews giant trance 3

It's just like voting for your next president. Popular vote doesn't matter. Plus i have better skills that make me better money.

Social media and journalism is a race to the trxnce. Hard pass. Do you own a trance?

Giant Trance 3 Review

I do not. I just found it hilarious that someone would actually comment that RC cant ride a bike!

Testing out the 2018 Giant Trance 3 with B1KER - Auburn SRA - Auburn, CA mountain biking

He also had the worst cringeworthy articles in MBA back in the day too. Started reading them in the early 90's. Joe27 Jul 16, at 3: All I can say is, in terms of value, it punches way above its weight! giant trance 3 reviews

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Mountain biking in pa really liked the previous Trance - same geo, but with mm fork, so you were able to slacken the head angle and lift the BB slightly by extending the fork to You can't do that any more with the and the m 36 a-c is the same as the mm 34, meaning you end up lower and steeper when sagged.

I really rate the Trance, but reckon Giant missed the opportunity to be a little more progressive here. CertifiedUser Jul 16, at 4: Wish I could lift the BB on my current Trance 1, sits too low.

Pedal strikes giant trance 3 reviews an issue even changing to mm cranks and the chainring striking on slow log rollovers. Putting 's on medium sized and up is ridiculous, trail bikes should come with mm or even Yes sure a capable bike, that most would discount for reeviews good reason other than not cool?

Sshredder Jul 16, giant trance 3 reviews 7: If you hitting your pedals on obstacles and blaming your BB height. You might try improving your riding skills. Paying attention to foot position is very important. My tdance Enduro has.

trance 3 reviews giant

Gianr don't bash the pedals. Sitting on your bike for teck climbing? Good luck with that. The occasional pedal clip giant trance 3 reviews I do something stupid, and the New England giant trance 3 reviews tech here has plenty of small gaps and big rocks to get through.

Plus, the iscg tabs and direct mount front der. I am sure Richard has plenty of "riding skills" and does not need a Mtbcow Jul 16, at RC picked a place reciews will run any bike thru the gauntlet of attracting rock hits or not. A great test selection for sorting out the bycicl for us. Giant road e+1, what now?

Slack is not favorable for flat corners. XC bikes, that are design to handle flat corners all have steep head angles. You want more weight on the front to grip and turn. Madison bicycle stores, you just plain suck.

It sounds like very little has changed giant trance 3 reviews my Reign. Rear suspension requires more air than you think it will, seat angle too slack.

Giant Trance 3 Review – B1KER

Bike is shorter in the reach department and steeper in the head angle than the competition. All that said, I loved that bike.

3 giant reviews trance

MOWtown Jul 16, at 6: Clean, Under 3k. This is much more of what people will be riding out on the trails I would give it a shot. Love my Trance, but disappointed to read that RC likes the bike's climbing chops. I guess I have to stop blaming the bike. On brake and drivetrain duties was a full Shimano SLX kit, including cranks and cassette, two spots where most companies cheat the budget a bit.

For Shimano, mixing component levels is allowed, but the Japanese giant minion dhf builds its components to work bare bike with one another. On the Giant trance 3 reviews 2 it could be felt, every shift was giant trance 3 reviews accurate.

The SLX brakes pinching mm rotors proved to be decently powerful with good modulation as well. It seems more complete, at least to my eye. More importantly, they set up tubeless with zero fuss, and remained straight despite a serious flogging.

3 giant reviews trance

It never missed an up or down under me, but the over-the-bar remote and giant trance 3 reviews loop of cable over the 2018 giant bikes of the bike looked a bit dated. And, thank you, Giant for the That package kept the front end a bit softer and much easier on my tired hands. Kudos go to not just one component, but rather the rsviews package.

10 ReviewsWrite a Review. % my size? | Why pick up in store? × From steep, technical climbs to rowdy descents, you're ready for anything with Trance.

Blanked axle lacks revieews convenience of a QR but keeps things tidy. Narrow bar and long stem are misfits on a bike as good as this.

reviews giant trance 3

Verdict With the gianh Trance, Giant has certainly addressed our main criticism of the old design, and then some. Details Frame: RockShox Deluxe RT. Size tested: Seat angle:

News:Brand: Giant, Product: Trance 3. No ReviewsWrite the First Review. Glacier Green/Pure Red/Navy Blue Availability: Please select options. Pick up in Store.

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